ERA HomeGuard Pro - self monitored smart alarm

The ERA HomeGuard Pro innovative smart-alarm technology makes self-monitored alarm systems the preferred choice for home owners today.

You're no longer restricted to just an ineffective 'bells-only' alarm system or an expensive, long-term alarm monitoring contract.

ERA HomeGuard Pro means more choice, more convenience saving  £££ 's compared to a  monitored alarm contract!

ERA HomeGuard Pro

The ERA HomeGuard Pro is a fully integrated Smart Home Security System that allows you to monitor multiple locations for example your home, your business and your garage from one account. You can choose who gets access to your home with timed or anytime access and revoke when needed. You have peace of mind through the personalised alert log showing who accessed the property with timings for example ‘Lucy has disarmed the alarm’. If the alarm is activated your network is alerted quickly with simultaneous alerts to as many people as you choose and phonecall alerts via GSM. You can also expand the kit at any time with additional accessories to include multiple PIR sensors, IP Camera's, water, smoke and vibration detectors. Plus as the system is cloud based, you can access the alarm hub from anywhere, anytime with your App controlled via a Smartphone. With Lithium backup battery you can also be sure that even there is a power outage the property is still protected.

The ERA Homeguard is also compatible with the Lightwave range of lighting, heating and power solutions for the perfect smart home experience.

Technical Spec

Operation Temperature: 0°C - +55°C, Humidity: 80% (non-condensing)

Performance Power Supply: DC 12V 500mA, Battery: 3.7V 2600mAh 18650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery, GSM Operating Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

HomeGuard Pro Video

ERA Pet-Friendly PIR Motion Sensor

Compatible with all ERA Wireless Alarm Systems, this Pet-Friendly PIR Motion Sensor has an 8m range and 110 degree angle making ideal for any room.


Ideal for covering room and areas

Detection Coverage: 8m/110 degrees

Low Power LED indication

All Batteries included

Detects movement within the sensor zone and when system is in arm mode will send a signal to the alarm to activate

Compatible with all ERA Alarm Systems

Warranties / Guarantees/ conditions of sale

ERA Wireless Vibration Detector

Compatible with all ERA Wireless Alarm Systems, the Personal Alert Fob is compact and easy to use.


When vibration is detected a signal is sent to the Control Panel, triggering an alert condition and notifying users of an alarm event.

Ideal for use on objects with a thick/solid structure such as: a safe, door, window, drawer.

Ideal for use in a multitude of locations where the use of a conventional door/window magnetic sensor may not be suitable.

Battery operated, the sensor has two mode settings - normal and 24 hour and a low power LED indication.

Range of up to 80m and anti-tamper protection, the Vibration Sensor is an ideal accessory for an ERA Wireless Alarm.

Box contains a Vibration Detector, pre-installed Batteries, double sided adhesive pads for fixing and instruction guide.

Warranties / Guarantees/ conditions of sale

ERA Narrow Beam/ Curtain PIR Motion Sensor

Compatible with all ERA Wireless Alarm Systems, this Ceiling or Narrow Beam PIR sensor is ideal for detection zones around small areas where you require protection..


Forms an invisible ‘curtain’ across the protected area, such as an entrance area, door, window or patio door.

Any movement passing through the ‘curtain’ will trigger the alarm.

Battery operated with a 5m/15 degree detection coverage and auto-compensates for temperature, avoiding false alarm/ trigger.

LED indication for working state and with a range of up to 80 metres (free air).

Ideal accessories to an ERA Alarm kit.

Box contains the detector, battery x 2, mounting bracket and instruction guide.

Warranties / Guarantees/ conditions of sale

Remote Control Keyfob for ERA HomeGuard Pro Alarm

Compatible with all ERA Wireless Alarm Systems, this Remote Control Keyfob allows you to arm, part-arm and disarm the alarm system as well as a distress button for emergencies.


Arm, Part-Arm, Disarm Modes.

Panic SOS Button.

Battery included.

Compatible with all ERA Alarm Systems.

Ideal for children as they can arm or disarm the system as the touch a button.

Easy stored in a bag or on keys when away from the home.

Warranties / Guarantees/ conditions of sale

ERA IP116 Plus WIFI Camera

The ERA IP116 Plus WiFi Camera has enhanced motion detection and privacy features. Pair with the ERA HomeGuard Pro or ERA Invincible Alarm for a the ultimate smart home security system.


Viewable via smartphone app from anywhere, anytime.

Enhanced motion detection.

Night Vision.

HD video quality at 720p.

Expand the memory with the MicroSD slot up to 32GB.

Two-Way Audio Communication with the built-in microphone and speaker.

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