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Uniview is a 'smart CCTV system'.  4MP to 12MP cameras with smart features such as 'Line crossing, Intrusion Detection, People Counting, Face Detection & Licence Plate Recognition.'

Uniview CCTV can also be linked to Ajax alarm systems.

Uniview  'Hybrid NVR'  can replace any DVR for the perfect upgrade of your existing system without the need to change any cables or cameras, providing remote access by PC and a great App for access by smartphone from anywhere in the world.

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We install Ajax Wireless Smart Alarms which can also link to CCTV.

We install ERA DoorCams, ideal for the most basic form of home security with a live camera view accessed by the App at any time.

 Motion alert settings can be configured and changed from your smartphone anywhere in the world.


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Uniview Smart CCTV

Uniview 'Smart CCTV' incorporates a host of special features including:-

Intrusion Detection - Entering and loitering in a pre-defined virtual region  Line Crossing - Detect when a pre-defined virtual line has been crossed Motion Detection - Movement within a pre-defined virtual region Recognition - Face and audio detection

Tamper Identification - Detect when the camera has been phyiscally tampered with Statistical Analysis - People counting

Here at Overt Security we don't confuse you with technical talk.

We design a system to suit your specific needs & explain all the features and operations in simple terms.

A remote connection at Overt Security is set up as standard so we are able to configure and tweak your system remotely  & apply software updates to your recorder and cameras without visiting your location.

Every home or business is different, when a new system is installed it takes time to tweak and configure to ensure optimum performance,

we aim to do most of this remotely to save onsite time & ensure minimum disruption at the installation location.

All systems include an App for Android or IOS smartphomes

View by smartphone or Pc or both from anywhere in the world.

Uniview CCTV from £189


Uniview - 4MP to 4K Smart camera features

Intrusion Detection

Plot any shape in an area to form a detection zone

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Cross Line Detection

Plot up to 4 lines per camera

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AJAX Smart Alarm

The most award-winning wirele​ss security system in Europe.

Ajax can also be linked to Uniview CCTV for the ultimate home or business security system.

Protect against fire, smoke and carbon monoxide

Wireless fire detector with temperature and carbon oxide sensors that monitors security in the room twenty four hours a day and immediately notifies of dangerous CO levels, smoke and sharp jumps in temperature.

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Monitor your home in Full HD

By integrating surveillance cameras into the Ajax system, you can see what's happening at home right on your smartphone. When an alert arrives and you want to double check to make sure everything's okay— just open the mobile app.

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CCTV system design, planning & Installation.

CCTV monitoring, Alarm monitoring (bespoke packages).

DVR/NVR sales & upgrades.

Camera upgrades & maintenance.

Wireless Smart Alarm system design, planning & Installation - Home & Business.

Wireless Video DoorCams & Intercoms.

Barrier & Gate intercoms/entry systems.


**Excludes partial installations or partial upgrades.

About Us

Overt Security CCTV Installations is a Security centred company based in the heart of Sutton Coldfield.

We build CCTV & alarm systems tailored to customer requirements, from the initial survey to installation and maintenance, configuring smartphone/tablet apps enabling you to view/arm your property from anywhere in the world & receive alerts via the app and email.

We have over 30yrs experience in the Security Industry. Our Directors have been involved in many

events and contracts across the world, leaving us in a great place for providing great Security

Solutions at home or work.

We are providing patrols to our clients on a daily basis and have consultation contracts for multiple

clients ranging from corporate to private. Although this is a smaller division in our company it is

one which is growing fast. We are finding ourselves working with communities who have private

estates which require access control and manned guarding to resident associations requiring visual

patrols nightly.

We need to state clearly in this section that we are not vigilantes or looking to be confrontational.

We pride ourselves on being professional, efficient and very visual. We will observe, note and

clarify facts before delivering the evidence to the relevant authorities and our clients. We make

ourselves very loud visually which makes for a great deterrent to any would be thief, burglar or

otherwise ill-chosen professional !

Sales & Installation: Vinnie Reece-Jones

Vinnie has vast experience as a Security Officer & CCTV Control Room Operator with the dividend of professional training and a valid Security Industry Authority licence for Public Space Surveillance CCTV.

Key skills assist a walk through survey to secure the best possible camera views, eliminate any potential blind spots, ensure total boundary coverage including all potential points of entry and select the most suited type of sensor for alarm systems.

We conduct a FREE security check with every survey, offering advice on beefing up current security measures at your property.

Call us to arrange yours 07856 139272

Useful links for using CCTV

It's important to understand the responsibility and laws of using CCTV in the home or business.

The following links will furnish you with all the information required & answer the most common questions asked.

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